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API - Upload your feed to Locanto
Upload your ads automatically to Locanto with our Publisher API

If you have a large number of ads which you wish to submit in bulk to Locanto, we now offer a content submission API program.

The new Locanto content submission API offers many advantages:

Submit file automatically via interface
Instant data validation
Ad preview
Supports XML and CSV uploads

Locanto currently accepts feed content for the categories: Vehicles & Property.

Your feed must contain at least 100 ads and can be updated at a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We recommend the use of an incremental upload, that only submits the latest changes. We accept CSV and XML feed uploads.

To use Locanto’s API, you need an API key. For each main-category you must use a separate key. That means you will have multiple keys if you want to upload ads to different content sections.

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Still have questions? Visit the API FAQs